7 Things I Like About E2M Training

E2M training

Michelle and I recently signed up for the E2M fitness challenge. E2M (Eager to Motivate) is an 8-week online diet and fitness program that pushes you to make sustainable changes to your eating and exercising habits. Michelle and I weren’t unhealthy. We were both working out regularly and eating a mostly pescatarian diet. But the pandemic left us feeling in a bit of a rut and this looked like a great opportunity to get out of our comfort zones. With Addison’s, long term, even low dose, steroid use can lead to weak bones. I wanted to do E2M to get stronger. I can stick with cardio training but have never stuck with strength training for any serious amount of time.

A lot of the program is somewhat secretive and information is a little scarce prior to signing up. I’m not sure why. There is nothing ground-breaking or earth-shattering about E2M and that is part of the reason it is likely so successfully with so many. I won’t be giving away the meal plans or workouts here. You need to sign up for that, but after two weeks, here are my initial thoughts on E2M.

I like the cost

The total cost is $320 for the 8-week program. This is paid $40 weekly via PayPal. Spouses or families in the same household are included. There is a week or two between the challenges and you only pay one time. Once you pay, you’re an OG and subsequent challenges are free. Not a bad deal. If you fall off the wagon, no problem, it’s a lifetime membership. You can join up and try again at no cost.


I like the very supportive community

After you sign-up, just about the entire program (for better and worse) is run through a closed Facebook group and that group is very, very supportive. From what I can tell, E2M started small and locally in South Carolina but has since grown widely. You won’t be alone if you chose to join up and interact with the group. I don’t post, but I do enjoy reading many of the transformational stories for inspiration.


I like the nightly live sessions

The founder/head trainer, Jeff Spoon, does a nightly video that is part Q/A, part motivational pep talk, and part old-time tent revival. I initially found them a little too rah-rah and corny for my taste but have now come to look forward to his talks. They are a nice piece of positivity to end the day on.


I like the authenticity

There are many live video sessions each day both for workouts, motivation, and mental pick me ups. It’s hard to hide your true self on live video day-after-day and all the trainers come across as really wanting you to succeed even when they are yelling at you to hold that plank for another 10 seconds.

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I like the simplicity

I’ve always been an active person and never tried any other diets or big lifestyle changes (other than cutting out chicken and red meat) in the past, mostly because while I saw other people get results, very few struck me as sustainable for the long-term. I’m not sure a strict E2M lifestyle will be either but it would be far more sustainable and healthy than anything else I’ve come across even if you only adopt 75% of it.

The core principles are intermittent fasting, carb cycling, no dairy, and 6 workouts a week (half cardio/half strength circuits).

The focus is on simple meals that can be prepared without a complex recipe and without tempting you to stay in the kitchen too long.

There is no food tracking or calorie counting. You can weigh things if you want but it’s not necessary. Two handfuls of this, a palmful of that works just fine.

In short, join this program if you want to be told what to do and when to do it. It’s sort of like joining the army. It’s not for the skeptical, curious, or questioning. Join up for the expertise and trust the process.

It’s flexible enough to accommodate pescatarians, vegetarians, and vegans. There is a separate Facebook group for vegan/vegetarian participants.


I like the initial results

The first week, going no carbs cold turkey, was hard. I was a little naive. I thought I was in decent shape, especially for cardio. Pulling carbs took me down a notch. Or three. But I also have lost 10 pounds and can see some increased muscle definition in my upper body where I’ve always struggled to sustain any results.

I will say the coaches stress NOT to get on the scale throughout the challenge (I just like data) and focus on non-scale victories and lifestyle changes and small incremental improvements.


I like the cheat meal

This goes hand-in-hand with the sustainable part. Similar to Tim Ferris’s popular 4 Hour Body, E2M includes one meal a week you can eat and drink whatever you want. Pizza? Sure. Box of donuts? Sure. Ice cream sundae? Yup. Couple beers. No problem. Enjoy it. You earned it through a week of hard work. No guilt, just a mental break.


If you’re looking for a simple (but not easy), sustainable way to get out of a fitness rut or jumpstart a change to your body, I’d strongly recommend checking out the E2M program. If you do decide to sign-up, trust the process, follow the plan, and enjoy that celebration meal. I know I will.




    1. Donna – the program goes on 8 week cycles (sometimes with a week or two break between) and sign ups are done through Facebook a few days prior to the next block. We are currently coming to the end of week 6. It appears the sign up window will open for the next round on July 8th. More info here: https://www.facebook.com/E2Mfitness/ Good luck! It’s not easy but my wife and I both agree it’s worth it. You follow the program and you’ll get results.

  1. Thanks for the info. I have a friend who just finished her first 8 weeks with awesome results so I just joined the next challenge today.

    1. Congrats to her and good luck to you. We were really happy with R1 and look forward to maintaining and building on our progress in R2. We also recruited some friends to join. It’s better and easier with teammates!

  2. I love the explanation
    Of this. I’m trying to lose this 42 year old weight battle . I started online classes and put on some
    Weight ,so I’m hoping with not being able to be as active because of being in front of a computer a lot that this will still help me if I stick to the plan

    1. I think it is. Or a slightly modified version of it. I’m only in my second round now but I’m also thinking about this same question.

      I was very strict and stuck to the plan for the first round. I think going forward, I may move toward maintenance mode (I hit my weight goal) and follow something closer to an 80/20 rule.

      In other words, stick to the plan during the week and relax a little more on the weekends. Or, add a little more carbs as needed to match my fitness goals (longer triathlon or half marathon etc).

      1. Thank you! I’m afraid to try it because I heard people have to give up sugar and carbs. I love strawberries. I enjoy oatmeal. I like pizza and cola on Saturdays. I exercise daily. Not sure if I could handle restrictions-I always go back to my ok’d way , but I know I should think about joining.

        1. Yes, a big part of the weight loss aspect is giving up the sugar, dairy, and carbs. However, you could eat your favorites once a week for your treat meal. Also, there is some carb cycling weeks, so you’d get some strawberries if you want.

          It’s a very effective program but it’s not easy. You need a strong reason or desire to change some habits. There will definitely be days where it is a struggle.

          It sounds like you are in a similar situation to me. Pretty fit, eating pretty healthy. I did it to jolt myself out of a rut. I was skeptical but the early returns spurred me on to finish.

          There are rumors that there is a “maintenance” mode you can switch to that is a little more lenient after you hit your goals. I’m going to be strict for at least one more cycle before I ask the coaches about that.

        2. The diet changes each week. And the cheat meal makes it okay for me. And the results are amazing! Try it!

      2. Might be a good idea to inbox them and ask about the maintenance diet. I assume it is different than the 8 week cycle diet. I too am doing E2M and it is amazing. I am a vegetarian, have been doing intermittent fasting for 2 years and work out lots. Covid times got me too and (for the first time in my life) I put on weight and sat around and did not exercise. I love data and I did not lose weight but am losing the dreaded body fat (waist and belly) and figured I would just stick with the plan. Weight is not my goal – fitting back into pre-covid clothes is. And getting back to eating healthy and exercising. Reading the stories and seeing the pictures is beyond amazing. Highly suggest you give it a whirl!

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