6 Months

So my chronic disease and I have now spent six months together. Went to see the good doctor yesterday and all the markers look pretty good. My electrolytes continue to run on the low end, somewhat expected with Addison’s, but of bigger concern to me given my active lifestyle. We discussed a few strategies, namely, using a sports drink that has higher sodium and electrolyte levels than the standard sports drink.

After six months, me and Addy get along pretty well most of the time. I wish it were more set it and forget it. Take the pills twice and day and the body takes care of the rest. I’m learning that it is much more an ongoing balancing act. Without the adrenals, I need to be more proactive in helping my body get what it needs to respond to certain stimuli. In short, it’s more art, than science most days.

Luckily, I was mostly a morning person before the diagnosis because since the diagnosis, I am clearly most productive in the morning and early afternoon. I’ve learned that if I don’t work out or take on whatever big to-do list item by two o’clock, it’s likely not going to happen. I just don’t have the energy, stamina or focus. 

The low point most days is between 4 and 6ish PM. In addition to the fatigue, I can get irritable. Perfect timing, right? Right in synch with picking up the girls, making dinner, doing homework and starting bed time routines. I need to watch myself pretty carefully that I don’t snap unnecessarily at the girls or Michelle. I’m not always successful and thankfully they know the situation and have some understanding (up to a point). Sometimes I just need to step out of the room/situation and just sit down for 30 minutes and recover/relax.

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Overall, it’s been six months and I’m very thankfully for all the care and instruction I’ve received from my family, my primary doctors, the hospital during my stay and my endocrine doctor. From this time last year to now, it’s been a vast, vast improvement. 

After what I put my family through last year, I’m sure they’d agree, even if I get a little cranky around dinner!