3 Treadmill Workouts with Purpose

It’s the dark days of February in New England which means lots of people are bundled up and running outside to train for the marathon. God bless, them. Training locally for Boston is probably the toughest and sometimes most dangerous part.

I don’t have to worry about that this year, but I’m still trying get some running in despite the snow, ice and general unpleasantness outside.

Here is the current view of my street:

That’s just begging for a wipout or worse if you try to run across it. It’s definitely treadmill season.

Personally I think treadmills get a bit of a bad rap. They will never replicate outdoor running and they will always be boring if your plan is to just run for 90 minutes. But they can have an important place in your training cycle if you use them correctly. They can be great training tools when used for specific types of workouts.

Recently, with the arthritis, I’ve been focused on shorter distances which a) makes the treadmill much more palatable and b) makes them great for strength, speed and interval sessions.

Here are three workouts, each about 30 minutes, each with a specific purpose.


3-2-1 Fartleks


Hill Pyramid


Interval Fat Burner

If you approach the treadmill with a plan, there is no reason it has to be a dismal experience. Vary the pace and incline and knowing that your workout has a purpose can make a big difference and can pay big dividends when you get back out on the road.