2018 Goals Check-in


Goal: Become more flexible

Required Actions: Do a set of daily 10 minute foam rolling and stretching exercise. Find a way to incorporate yoga regularly into my workout routine.

Progress: I can’t say I’m doing a daily 10 minute routine, but I’ve been stretching regularly and attending yoga once a week. 


Goal: Run 3 5K’s and do 3 sprint triathlons

Required Actions: Monitor the knee and sign up for the races when I’m feeling good. I’ve already done one 5k and spoken to friends about doing a few triathlons.

Progress: Killing it! I’ve found racing shorter races, more frequently a lot of fun. I’ve already ran 7 5k’s and 1 triathlon with 2 more sprint triathlons on the calendar.



Goal: Doing a HIIT/strength workout once a week

Required Actions: Go to the gym once a week. I already have the gym membership and I roped in a friend to do it with me.

Progress: Killing it again! I’ve found a class at the gym that works both strength and stretching and have made going once a week a commitment.


Goal: Bike at least 2000 miles & swim at least 50 miles for the year

Required Actions: Swim at least one mile per week. Bike at least 2 hours per week.

Progress: Bike – 620 miles, Swim – 19 miles. So behind on both, especially the bike, but on the plus side the knee has held up enough to allow me to also run 265 miles.




Goal: Meditate for at least 3 minutes a day.

Required Actions: Make the 3 minute practice a part of something larger and important to me that I do regularly. Do it as part of my fitness cooldown or do it as part of my regular 30 minutes nap.

Progress: I was doing better with this during the winter where I could make the meditation an active part of my cool down routine. Need to find a better way to do this during the warmer months. 




Goal: Publish 2 books 

Required Actions: Get website up and working. Edit and revise short stories. Write novel. Publish ebooks. 

Progress: Website is updated (but not yet published). Short stories are revised, compiled and out to beta readers. Prequel novella is done and also out with readers. Need to spend the second half writing the new novel and making the writing a daily routine.


Goal: Write 125 blog posts for mikeswindow.com

Required Actions: Continue the popular Saturday posts and write 1-2 other posts per week on my interests.

Progress: Until this past vacation week, I’d posted 3 times per week.


Goal: Write at least 5000 words of fiction a week when I’m working on a project

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Required Actions: Aim for 1k a day for 5 days. Anything else is gravy.

Progress: Spent 6 weeks writing a 30k novella. Plan to spend the back half of the year getting at least another 60k rough draft of a novel done.


Goal: Write 25 blog posts for treadnut.com

Required Actions: Write and publish 2 new posts per month.

Progress: Failing grade on this one. I’ve only posted 4 times so far this year for treadnut. Need to make a decision on whether this site continues.




Goal: Host 5 gatherings with friends. Attend 5 gatherings with friends.

Required Actions: Set up some firm dates with friends.

Progress: We hosted the taco part and a dominoes night and got together with friends in the city. 3 down, 2 to go.





Goal: Be a more positive parent

Required Actions: Give positive reactions and responses. Be thankful and helpful. Pay attention to family. Choose kindness over frustration.

Progress: Varies on a day-to-day basis. Doing my best. Hard to measure this one.




Goal: Sell 500 items at Kick & Cadence

Required Actions: Get the store up and running. Set up active social media channels. Spread the word. Make some sales.

Progress: Store is up and running, social is up and running, ads are running. Sales are….slow in coming.


Goal: Sell/download 500 books

Required Actions: Get the website up and running with the free book as a lead gen tool. Run some Facebook and Amazon ads. Write more books if possible.

Progress: Website is ready. Free book is written. Need to get launch strategy prepped.


Goal: Add 500 people to my email lists

Required Actions: This would be for Kick & Cadence and my author site. Get lists and campaigns set up in MailChimp. Make sure I have a compelling offer or giveaway to get people to sign up.

Progress: Have not started this one.




Goal: Read more than 50 books

Required Actions: Read a book for pleasure once a week.

Progress: Ahead of schedule. Read 35 books so far.


Goal: Read 6 biographies

Required Actions: I’ve already decided on Chernow’s Hamilton and Grant books, plus Isaacson’s Ben Franklin one. So I need to pick 3 more and request from the library or purchase them. I think I may purchase them to give myself more accountability to read them.

Progress: On track. 7 non-fiction books read so far, including 3 biographies (but none of the ones I initially picked).


So, the year is halfway gone. I’ve made progress. Some more than others. I’ve still got six months keep working.