2017 Goals Review

It’s too early to tell, but I think I’ll look back at 2017 and remember it as the year I turned 40 and the year I developed arthritis in my knee. Not exactly two inspiring events to remember, but we don’t always get to pick happy, rosy memories. Life happens. Sometimes you make it happen and sometimes it happens to you. 

2017 was full of other small memories and moments: times of stress, times of frustration, times of joy, and also times of incredible learning and love. Interesting times. 

If we don’t hold ourselves accountable, how do we ever measure our progress? Better late than never. Based on my 2017 goals, here is how I did:


Read more non-fiction

Goal: The goal was to stretch my reading outside my comfort zone of mystery, thrillers and genre fiction by reading 12 non-fiction books. 

Results: 6 non-fiction books read

Reflection: Not terrible, but I could have made more of an effort. There are plenty of interesting non-fiction books out there. Part of the failure was that I switched up one of my goals to reviving my fiction writing and wanted to read more genre as practice. A cop-out? Maybe.


Learn more about 3D modeling and motion graphics

Goal: Go beyond Photoshop and Illustrator and get more proficient and confident at Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Results: Not even close. I did my usual year end videos and once again had to re-learn certain basics, but this goal never really got off the ground.

Reflection: My goals shifted mid-year more toward writing and away from motion graphics. That’s ok. It’s my plan and my goals. They can shift and be malleable.


Continue baking bread and making pizza

Goal: Keep practicing making fresh bread and pizza

Results: Achieved! Anyone following my instagram account or who’s been invited over can attest that I made plenty of pizza and bread

Reflection: I did learn how to make Detroit pizza, but I could branch out a bit more with new recipes in 2018

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Try to develop a passive income side hustle

Goal: Develop an additional passive income stream

Results: In progress. A lot of my down time and energy went into this one. After doing a lot of brainstorming and reading, I decided to try three things. All three are in various stages of development. First, a niche site based on SEO and ads. This was treadnut.com. A site about all things treadmills. Second, a small apparel and accessory shop for runners. This was kickandcadence.com and is just live recently. Third, was re-launching my author site and writing more books. This is still in development. 

Reflection: All three are long-tail efforts and I will continue all three throughout 2018 before re-assessing next year. No real income has been produced yet, just as small trickle from affiliate links to cover hosting fees. 


Run the Chicago marathon

Goal: Run my second marathon and if all things went (really) well qualify for Boston

Results: Never got started.

Reflection: The sudden knee arthritis came out of the blue and derailed this goal before I even started the training plan. Not being able to run, or at least run and race consistently, is something that is having a dramatic impact on my life and something I’m continuing to sort out. We did still have a nice trip to Chicago.


Complete an Olympic triathlon

Goal: Complete an Olympic triathlon to help cross-training before starting the marathon training plan

Results: Achieved!

Reflection: Again, the arthritis might make my favorite triathlon distance a thing of the past for me. If it is, at least I went out with a podium finish.


I think people tend to overestimate what they can in a day, but underestimate what they can over a year. I didn’t accomplish all my goals, but if I did, I think I would be setting them too low. Time to think about a roadmap for 2018.



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