Why Do a Fun Run?

This past weekend was the Angel Run, one of the big annual 5k charity races in our town. It brings out all kinds of runners and walkers, but a majority are kids, families, or the unlucky ones pushing sleighs (strollers). It’s a great atmosphere and a lot of fun.

I realize for some people the word fun and run don’t belong together. Not me, but I’m sure they are out there. If you’re one of those people, here are a few more reasons you might consider entering a local 5k fun run.


Leave the PR at Home

If you train for a big event each year or are just a competitive person, it can be easy to train yourself into the ground and risk burning out. When running starts to feel like a chore, it might be time to re-evaluate your priorities. Never outrun your love of running. 

Fun runs or impromptu races can allow you to leave your ego, your ambition, your PRs and maybe your watch at home. Just go out and run for the fun of it. Forget pace, or a target time, just run. I bet it helps reinsure your more structured training.


Make it a group thing

Running can be a solitary sport even if you belong to a running club. Why not choose an off-season event and make it a group outing. Invite your friends (and not just your fast friends) to sign up and lace ‘em up. Without the pressure of time or place, stick together and focus on the experience not just the finish line.


Motivation towards a goal

Maybe you or a friend keep meaning to get back into running or even start running. It’s easy to do one run. Maybe two but you eventually stop again. How do you keep going? Sign up for a run and give yourself some motivation to keep training. You might find, even after the race is done that you have a healthy, new habit.

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Once you’ve entered an event, you’ll likely let someone you know about it. That person, whether intentionally or just in your mind, will keep you accountable to achieving your goal.


Cross training for another sport

Maybe biking or swimming or basketball is your sport. Why not use running to help your performance in another sport. If you play hockey or basketball on a casual basis, you’re might be fit, but by running you’ll be able to improve your endurance with minimal time. Aiming for a race goal will help you get out and go running and quickly improve your fitness compared to just gaining that fitness by playing the sport.



Raise money for a charity

Of course there are reasons beyond fitness and hanging out with your friends to run a fun run. Another reason many people enter a fun run is to raise money for a charity or cause that has personal meaning to them. By entering a fun run, you can encourage your friends, family and work colleagues to sponsor you to raise money for a good cause.


If you don’t have the desire to just go out and run, entering a fun run is a great way to set a future goal and help motivate you toward it. Whatever reason works for you, running is great for your fitness and overall health, excluding any injuries you might be susceptible to.