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Race Recap: HESSCO Mick Morgan 5k

Mick Morgan 5k

One the great things about the running culture in New England is that no matter what time of year it is you can find a race any weekend if you are determined. Many people are training for Boston and weekend winter races are a great way to stay motivated and get some speed work done.

Despite this, it’s right around St. Patrick’s day that really feels like the beginning of the spring (it might still be in the 20s or 30s but as long as it’s not actively snowing we call it spring up here) season really gets going with the all the various shamrock-inspired 5k’s getting people to slough off their winter hibernation and get back in their running shoes.

I am no different. This past Saturday I ran in my second 5k of the year.
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Scenes from Saturday + Winter Carnival

This week’s parenting challenge has been to try to figure out the borders between shyness, embarrassment and proper manners. 

Michelle is not an introvert and has a hard time understanding Cecilia’s reactions and reticence to certain situations. For me, on the other hand, it provokes a sense of deja vu.

I was almost aggressively shy as a kid, especially with new people or unfamiliar situations. I still am. Cocktail parties are my worst nightmare. I still probably get many of the same feelings she has, I’ve just become much more adept at faking it than the average 8 year old.

So, while I feel her pain and anxiety, this also doesn’t excuse rude behavior. Putting your head down and not greeting someone or not making eye contact isn’t shy, it’s rude. I also don’t want to force her to be more socially outgoing than is comfortable for her. How do I help her? 

Why do so many parenting decisions want to make you drink? I do know that a tumbler or whiskey isn’t the answer for her.  Continue Reading