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Scenes from Saturday + Wicked

The anticipation had been building for a couple weeks. We showed them YouTube videos, read them the synopsis (we’ve found this really helps cut down on “whispered” questions during performances), had long dinner conversations about Oz, showed them more YouTube videos (we were a little worried about some parts for Ally so we used exposure therapy – it worked) and of course had the official cast recording playing 24/7. At least with these songs, I can easily sidestep the urge to explain how bad a president Hoover was to them.

Seeing a four year old break down Popular with dance moves is actually kind of impressive. Even if she is missing the point of the lyrics. 

Saturday, the day had finally arrived and it all culminated in Ally appearing in our room at 5 a.m., all ready to go.

We (Michelle) have created musical fanatics. Yes, we are recording the Tony’s tonight for them. Yes, I will be watching the US/Mexico game in the basement.

 Here’s how the rest of an “awesome” (Cece quote) Saturday went….. Continue Reading