Scenes from Saturday + Triathlons & Tacos

Like many, we are knee deep in end of school year activities. This week we attended Cecilia’s end of the year music and fine arts show. She was very excited. She, unlike me, quite enjoys performing on stage. The show was remarkably good for a third grade production.

The thing she is most looking forward in fourth grade is finally getting to play the trombone. That’s not a joke. And who knows, maybe she’ll love it and be great at it. 

So far, we haven’t really hit on Cecilia’s “thing” yet, which is completely fine. I might not have loved Little League (I was much better at getting hit than actually hitting) but I certainly took things from it that helped me in other areas. I believe kids should try a lot of things for as long as possible (probably adults, too). The trend, especially in youth sports, to specialize and focus on one thing earlier and earlier in an effort to create mini-Tiger Woods prodigies freaks me out. And given how Mr. Woods ended up, it should freak you out, too.  

So she hasn’t found her thing. No big deal. Let’s try the trombone. Lots of room in the world for a kick-ass female trombone player. But first, on to a Saturday that included triathlons, tacos and dance parties. There are always dance parties….


The girls might have started the day on the couch, but I started it very, very early with my first triathlon in over a year. The last one ended up with me getting diagnosed with knee arthritis, so I was actually a little nervous. Getting up at 4 a.m. didn’t really help, either.


But the weather did actually help. It was a pitch perfect day. So warm and mild that I didn’t even need a wetsuit in the water or to drink this beer after the race. Great time. Maybe almost worth getting up that early.


Back at home, the girls did start the day on the couch. No musical obsessions this week. They’ve been watching the Who Was? show on Netflix. It probably skews too old for Ally, but Cecilia loves it and is learning some things. It’s like the weird uncle from that first marriage between PBS and Comedy Central that no one talks about but sometimes shows up at the family Thanksgiving.

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We do have one big milestone looming in a few weeks. After nine years, we will be done with day care. Michelle had a vision to celebrate. It involved tacos.


So we invited all the great friends we’ve made through day care over the years to come on over and celebrate with a fiesta. And cerveza.

But first, we had to prep. While I was swimming, biking and running, the girls were chopping, squeezing and cooking.


Cecilia learned about the acidity of limes and hangnails. 


I returned to find the girls still hard at work. There might have been an evil step-sisters comment.


Don’t worry they still found some time to break out their ever-evolving dance moves.


Turns out, we maybe did not need quite so many fixings. Most of the kids would have been happy with just a big community bowl of sour cream and shredded cheese. Noted, for next time. 


The adults did appreciate the variety.


There is one thing. One big thing that ends with day care. One thing definitely worth celebrating.


The kids were already fired up on sour cream and cheese, so you can imagine how the rest of the night went after they all ate slabs of chocolate cake. At least it was warm enough that we could send them outside to bounce off each other like hyper lightning bugs.


Cecilia might still be searching for that passionate thing, but for one night everyone at the taco party did find their thing: Costco chocolate cake. So good. Sweet dreams.