Scenes from Saturday + the little CEO

Michelle and I have a running joke that Cecilia will end up in charge of something anytime one of Cecilia’s, ahem, stronger personality traits comes out. When the girl has a vision it’s best to either jump in and help or duck and cover. There’s no in-between. 

I love her strength, passion and confidence, but it’s a fine line before those same traits become stubborn, argumentative and arrogant. We need to find some way to direct and channel those positive qualities soon because ruling over the breakfast buffet she set up Saturday morning was not a constructive showcase.

Or maybe we should just amend our joke that she will end up as a CEO or the dictator of some developing nation. Don’t bet against her!

Before the buffet, we started on the couch where we watched two episodes of The Brady Bunch. The first was episode took an unexpected turn. Alice is almost conned by an old flame who’s an inveterate gambler. A little dark for a Saturday morning, even in December. The girls like the second episode much better where Peter and Cindy develop a magic act.


Cecilia then started on her vision of a breakfast buffet. She made pancakes, muffins, fruit and a dry cereal spread. That was all good. In her head, however, buffets are defined by very strict rules and regulations. Allison violated just about every one and each time it drove Cecilia a little more crazy. Cecilia’s head might explode if she ever witnessed the daily defiling of a Ponderosa Steakhouse spread. Despite the violations, breakfast was tasty. If the CEO or dictator gigs don’t work out, she can fall back on short order cook.


As if breakfast didn’t bring us enough torture, we tackled piano practice next. The winter recital is tomorrow night, so this was the last practice day. You won’t be surprised to learn that Cecilia is very confident and questioned the need to practice anymore. Maybe ever. She has this piano thing down. I am just ready to stop rockin’ around the Christmas tree.


After breakfast, I sneaked off to the gym. The knee is feeling a lot better and while I’m disappointed to miss the Angel Run today, I’m hoping to run a New Year’s 5k. I’m doing HIIT intervals. I don’t normally run at 10 incline.

Meanwhile back at home, Michelle was trying to marshal the girls into creating the cards and wrapping the birthday gifts. It went as well as you’d expect.


We reunited, the breakfast buffet foibles forgotten, with friends to watch the town’s Christmas parade. The kids munched on Christmas octopus cookies! Not really, but the upside down reindeer did bear a striking resemblance to an sparkly octopus.


The kids (and Dash) were not fans of the loud fire trucks at the front, but did enjoy the marching band. Any chance to dance.


The girls got lots of shout outs from Girl Scout and Cub Scout friends in the parade.


After the parade, we split up for the two birthday parties. Michelle first took Ally to pick out the cake for her party next weekend. It all proved too exciting and Ally crashed hard before her party.


She rallied when she saw all her friends. Plus, the giant cake.


This is the text I received while getting ready to leave for Cecilia’s party. Clearly, I picked the wrong party!


I did not get beer. I spent the two hours as the only person in a strip mall Dunkin’ Donuts. You come face to face with a lot of truths in your life alone at a Dunkin’ on Saturday night.


Cecilia had a blast, literally, at her laser tag and arcade party. Remember when laser tag first came out? Was there anything cooler?


This guy’s life must be torture waiting endlessly for kid’s to pick a prize.


As every parent knows, the late afternoon birthday party is a double-edged sword. It eats up those tough last hours when you just want some couch and Netflix, but it also starts a clock before that birthday cake sugar is metabolized into crazy, whiny monsters. If you don’t have bedtime activities primed and prepped, you could find yourself hauling a boneless, crying puddle of a child up the stairs as you question the science of evolution.

Michelle was on the ball and when Cecilia and I made it home there was time for a quick (adult) dinner and (kid) scrub down before (kids & adults) everyone melted down.


It’s good to know even little dictators need to sleep at some point. I hope she’s dreaming of organized lines, obedient eaters and fluffy pancakes.