Scenes from Saturday + The Golden Egg

Sometimes you make a parental decision in the moment that seems innocuous but actually ends up having far-reaching consequences. You might turn on the ‘Cats’ cast recording as a joke one day in the car. You might let your oldest learn to tell time. You might let your youngest put on their own band-aids. Or you might let them watch one live-action Disney show. All terrible parenting decisions that continue to haunt us to this day.

Here’s one more. Seven years ago we included a rather distinctive ‘golden’ egg in our annual Easter egg hunt. When Ally came along, we couldn’t find a matching golden egg, so we added a silver one. We were nervous about swapping out the golden one and producing awkward questions about the Bunny’s operating procedure that might trickle down to other holidays.

Each year, that golden egg decision rises higher in our worst decisions rankings. They start talking about it soon after St. Patrick’s Day and the trash talking, scheming and strategy only grow more fevered throughout Lent. Who will find it? What will be in it? Where was it last year?

If only Cece put this much thought and effort into her multi-step math problems….


Routines can be comforting. We started the day on the couch with some cartoons.


While the kids vegged and Mom recovered from her birthday outing with the ladies, I headed out to meet the running group. I think we all wished it was a little warmer than it actual was, but I was happy to find the track was finally free of snow.


I returned to find Easter prep in full swing, with Cecilia mixing up the cookie egg dough.


Mom handled the shaping and baking. Easter cookie eggs are an Italian thing. And like most Italian things, they are delicious. We’ll come back to these later.


Ally and I headed off to swim “lessons” which continues to be more “splashing” in the pool time than actual lesson. Yes, I’m a bitter old man.


We then headed out to get a few last minute items for hosting tomorrow. She might not be learning a stroke, but we are getting some value out of the swim sessions, look at those tired eyes.

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I’m glad we’re past the point where the kids scream through the entire car wash like it’s the seventh circle of hell. 


When we returned home, it was game time while I prepped lunch. Is Perfection the most stressful board game ever invented? Ally was hyperventilating. Ce was screaming nonsense at no one. There was a loud, ticking timer. Fun!


We soon switched to a different game before Dash started howling. Never too early to start them on dominoes.


Important to always accessorize for lunch.


Having used up my parenting pool pass in the morning, it was time to hit the playground in the afternoon. The girls were as excited as convicts on their first work release. On the playground! With no jackets! And no snow!


Ally is now old enough to climb high enough to give me heart palpitations.


When we returned home, I taught them meaning of quid pro quo. I take you to the playground, you help me pick up some sticks. Walking Dash, this was by far the most popular neighborhood activity.


While we were outside, the cookie eggs got their finishing touches. Like I said, delicious.


The last task of the day was to dye some eggs. Someone (it was totally Mom!) over-vinegared the solution so our fancy shimmer and shine dye did not exactly work. Ce took this surprisingly well.


The egg dying and nice weather threw off our timing so we let the girls do a dinner and show combo. We should really know by now that Ally is not a multi-tasker. She watched the shows and then we had to wait for her to eat before dessert.

Ce did not handle this well. Bedtime soon followed.


Now, it’s late. I think I hear the soft, thumping approach of a giant, man-sized bunny outside. Let’s hope it hides all those eggs in tough enough spots that Dad can finish at least one cup of coffee before the tears and lamentations start…..but not tough enough that I’m still discovering them in November.

Happy Easter!