Scenes from Saturday + Stalking Lulu

It can be tempting as parents to focus too much on those areas that need improvement in our children and lose sight of the forest for the trees. God knows, they often don’t make it easy. I found a unexpected reminder of this in Cecilia’s after-school program mailbox this week. [Note, it was dated 12/4, but maybe this was fate holding it for me until I needed it most].

This is an excerpt from the program’s “report card” for Cecilia: “Cecilia is extremely goofy. She loves to laugh and have fun. She has a sense of humor. Cecilia is attentive during group time, choice time and any other times at MAP where listening to directions is important. Cecilia always does the right thing. She is respectful to rules and MAP staff.”

Who is this child? I’d like to meet them! The child at home is not always the same as the child away from it. Or maybe they are and we just sometimes can’t see it through the coats on the floor, the messy rooms and the continuous battle over piano practice. I’m going to stick this piece of paper in a drawer and break it out on those occasions that I need a gentle reminder. 

Or maybe I should keep it in my pocket? It might get daily use.

We started the day on the couch with some Pinkalicious.


Yesterday, we had some passport photos taken. Guess who had problems with the no smiling rule and guess who had no problem being ice cold? She can channel her inner teenager at will.


We didn’t stay on the couch long. The previous night while picking up some Chinese food, both the alternator and the battery blew simultaneously on the car. I think it was the universe punishing us for getting takeout instead of cooking at home. 

Michelle was unable to fix it.


We didn’t have the energy to tackle AAA in the rain and dark, so we left it on the mean streets of Millis overnight and came back early on Saturday morning. Not my favorite use of a Saturday morning, but we did avoid the cartoon zombie children.

While I spent a mild, sunny morning in a retail parking lot, the girls helped Michelle make a lasagna.


And then were pushed outside while it was still nice.


Later, Dash tried to hide in the guest room…..


….but he was unsuccessful in avoiding his bath.


After eventually picking me up at the mechanic’s, the girls headed out for some haircuts. There might have been some clothes shopping snuck in there, too, but strangely the ladies claim that no photographic evidence exists. Hmmm.


The grandparents arrived for back-to-back weekends of babysitting. I could get used to this. They also brought Ally her own bookcase. She was very excited to sort and shelf her books and have more of Auntie Meg’s furniture.


Piano was eventually practiced. New tactic. She knows she has to do it, up to her when she wants to do it.


For the second week in a row, we got to head out for adult conversation and some culture. Capsule review on Waitress: solid, entertaining, but a lot of disparate themes that don’t totally come together. You will definitely want to make or eat pie after.


Of course, we also went to stalk and boo the Lulu! Just kidding. She was very cute, but very tiny. I completely blame my genetics for Ally being too big for the part. I also would have been a complete nervous wreck the entire show if she had been cast. 

We returned to a quiet house full of sleeping angels. No reason to break out that piece of paper, but let’s see how early the kids up in the morning….