Scenes from Saturday + Shopping Obsessions

There is this coat. Cecilia wants it. She wants it bad. For the first time, she won’t be put off with vague assertions of waiting until Christmas or her birthday. She needs it. If she doesn’t get it a small piece of her soul will be lost and no matter how long she lives or how much happiness she might find, her life will never be complete. That kind of coat.

Maybe this is more of a girl thing. I don’t remember ever wanting anything to tears. If I did covet anything it was probably an expansion floppy disk for SimCity or an omnibus edition of the complete works of Arthur C. Clarke or something equally and deeply dorky. Nothing worth crying over. Maybe time or self-preservation has dulled my memory. 

This started on Wednesday with a brief mention of girls wearing these reversible coats at school, but it built to a crescendo by Friday afternoon and threatened to spiral out of control. Alone with the girls, I hit the panic button and called Michelle at work. She was able to use her Mom superpowers, or maybe her own memories of that bedazzled jean jacket she wanted, and talk Cecilia off the ledge.

So part of Saturday was spent shopping for the coat. Cecilia was using a good chunk of her own money and quickly learned the potenial value of places like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. Not to mention the magic of 50% discounts.

But we started where we always do, on the couch with the iPad. Not sure why they insist on watching it on the tablet and not the TV. 


Warm cinnamon rolls? Who’s the best Dad?


Saturday included a rare morning birthday party for Allison. This helped get us shake off the couch stupor and get moving.

Allison was able to put her craft and coloring skills to work making a birthday card. Saved us $4 bucks. Old man rant: when did greeting cards get so expensive?


Cecilia had another art class. More shading with charcoal this week, this week with animals instead of objects.


Meanwhile at the birthday party there were fairy houses being made and (multiple pieces of) cake being eaten.


After the art class, Mom and Cecilia hit the mall in search of the magic jacket.


They struck out at North Face and it was looking bleak.


But then there was a Macy’s miracle! The last jacket in her size and in an acceptable (to her) color.


She was very excited. And thought she was very cool. I thought it was cool that Michelle used a Macy’s gift card from our wedding to cover the difference. I’m actually impressed they accepted a 13 year old gift card.


While they shopped, Ally and I headed home from the party.

Ally immediately declared it was footie weather and ditched her party clothes for some mid-day jimmies and a blanket nest. It was hard to blame her.


For a long time, the only reliable thing besides noodles that Ally would eat were bean and rice empanadas. In the last few weeks, she’s expanded her options down the Tex Mex menu to include tacos. 

After the mid-morning cake aperitif, I was happy to get anything beyond more sugar in her tummy. Look at Dash lurking in the background. He would later get half a taco off that plate.


After lunch, it was time for Dad’s run. It was the first time since June that I ran a pain-free full mile. This pretty much made the rest of my day.


Michelle was very excited that the frigid temps justified a fire.


A fire, some Home Alone on the TV, a jigsaw puzzle and some wine. That’s pretty close to my wife’s idea of heaven.

After a month long run of Saturday nights either hosting or going to dinner parties, we had a weekend free and were determined to be as lazy as possible. Wine, Netflix and take-out lazy. 


Now, if you’ll excuse me I have some imaginary cities to build on my computer….

…oh, did I mention we later found a rip in the miracle coat and will have to return it? No photos of the tears and confusion that resulted from that discovery. So the final lesson of the day was the importance of keeping your receipt and knowing the store’s return policy.