Scenes from Saturday + Rain, Just Rain

We undecorated (de-decorated?) the tree Friday night. The Christmas cookie tin is now just crumbs. I packed up vacation Dad and brought out the daily tasks white boards. It feels like 2019 is now officially open for business. 

Three days of school, a basketball practice, some frustration over math homework, and Ally trying to cut table-side deals about how much broccoli she actually has to eat made the holiday halo fade faster than an iPad’s charge on the Jersey turnpike.

We talked about accountability and resolutions at dinner this week. Everyone has lots of goals and aspirations for 2019. I asked if they wanted to go public with their #1 goal as other people knowing might help them stay focused and achieve it after the excitement of the initial moment has passed.

Cecilia: Get an appreciation certificate at school. 

Allison: Shut the door when she uses the bathroom.

I can support both of those.


The day started dark, dreary and rainy and it didn’t change much throughout the day. The girls have discovered Japanese anime. Let’s hope this phase passes quickly.


When 30 other people (more showed after this pic) show up at 7:30 a.m. smiling in a steady rain and 40 degree temperatures to run, you know you’ve found your people. Shorts for the third week in a row was a bonus.


I returned to find the anime off and Ally jamming to T.Swift’s Netflix concert. The only surprise was Ally didn’t bust out her own mic to sing along. Turns out I just had to wait a few hours for that.


Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Ce’s breakfast diner pop-up was again open for business serving scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit and breakfast cookies. A pretty good way to come home after a soggy run.


Is there a better way to practice the trombone than in your pajamas with your dog as a rapt audience? Dash digs the brass.


Michelle is in cramming mode for her test next month and went off to study which meant that the crafts and dolls sanctions were loosened a little. Michelle would prefer they stay in the basement. 


It was electronics recycling day at the transfer station and I had to spend a few minutes convincing the girls this was an actual TV.


Then it was off to Cecilia’s basketball game. We’re still working on shooting, but she’s getting into rebounding. She is definitely not into my personal coaching suggestions from the sidelines.


Our car decided to throw a tantrum when we got back from basketball. One of the fans decided to stay on after the engine was off. At least we made it home first. Spent a few hours going down Google holes about that.


Weather was getting worse, so we bunkered down the rest of the day.

Dash was on the prowl during lunch. He miraculously snagged an entire hash brown this week from the middle of the table. We’re still not sure how. Old dog, still has new tricks.


After lunch, Cecilia had run out of excuses not to do her math practice. No big seven this week. Multi-step word problems.


She was a little more lively after we used her craft skillz to create a board game which involved solving different math equations. Gotta say, it’s a bit tedious, but whatever works! I let her go free after this.


All three of them froze when I came halfway down the stairs. After a quick check that no glitter bombs had gone off, I retreated back up the stairs without asking questions.


Traditional kitchen dance party to get out the last bit of energy (i.e., stall) before going to bed. After three or four Redemption Tour viewings throughout the day, she definitely has the rock star attitude down.


I pondered a resolution about less Saturday wine then remembered that smart successful, good looking parents drink red wine. Responsibly, course. And after the kids are in bed. Most of the time.