Scenes from Saturday + Pie, Crafts & Side Eye

The girls recently leveled up on a new life skill: dealing with rejection.

For the past two weeks, the girls have been in drama camp. Nope, not a euphemism for anything, an actual drama camp that culminated in a staging of the Frozen Jr. musical on Friday. This was not an everyone-gets-a-trophy, everyone’s-a-star camp. It was up a few notches on the competitive and selective spectrum.

It was interesting to watch both girls prep and audition for parts and come face-to-face with the reality of just because you want a part doesn’t mean you’re going to get it. That was when the drama ensued, euphemism intended this time. We did our best not to shy away from it and give the girls some tools to understand and interpret the outcome. No easy task. I learned this playing sports. I was poorly equipped to handle the intensity of musical theatre.

We focused on not taking it too personally and that a lot of decisions are based on a wide range of factors. And to try to take something from the experience and remember that all but one person was also rejected for the same role. And really, the music said it best, just let it go. 

They got over it and probably didn’t even need my pep talk. The show was great. I’m still sort of in shock at how good it was. It’s a strange and wonderful feeling when you see your kids doing something that you know you could never, ever do. 

I woke up at about 5 to find it was already over 80. Would a heat index near a 100 stop our little running group? Of course not. We got out there early, ran all the miles, drank all the water and got it done even if we mostly looked like soaking wet zombies by the end. I sweated through the bottom of my shoes.

So the camp really was no joke. It was both physically and mentally draining. The girls came home exhausted. (Money well spent!) Here are a couple pics:


It was no surprise we started this Saturday on the couch. They watched Mary Poppins Returns a little glassy-eyed and didn’t move much before 9 am.


Dash and I are actively trying to hunt down (humanely – well, I’m not sure what Dash would do) a groundhog. He’s leaving the vegetables alone but wreaking havoc on the yard..

I might not like the heat but the tomatoes don’t seem to mind. Ripening up to be a good year.


After our sauna walk, Dash was in no mood to deal with my photo requests. That’s some good side eye.


The girls now head to a restorative week of Camp Grandmom where caramels, candy, and cookies rain from the sky. God knows what they packed.


Given the Hades-like conditions outside, most of the day was spent indoors. 


Michelle, of course, took advantage of the downtime by once again combing the house for ‘junk’ she could load into the car and take to the transfer station. And then disappeared for three additional hours on mysterious errands.


When she makes her own lunch and cleans up, I can’t complain. If you want to eat two pepperoni rolls, go for it, girl.


They needed to keep their Saturday streak of arts and crafts going after lunch.


By two o’clock they’d used up all the entertainment they could find in the house (according to them).

So, we made a (no bake) dark chocolate cream pie. I mean when you get an excuse to use your favorite springform pan, you for it, am I right?


And then we phoned a friend for backup.


They lasted almost 7 minutes outside. Not that I blame them. That was 5 minutes longer than me.


After dinner, Michelle took all the girls over to the pool. She is a saint and she nailed the timing. It was mostly empty.


Pool, popsicles, and a Saturday night sunset. Who’s going to reject that?



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