Scenes from Saturday + One Last Time

We are still in a phase where we get reports from the kids on everything. Every slight. Every poke. Every prod.

Every good deed. 

I’ve been trying to tell the girls that what’s important is the willingness to be kind, the intention, not the result or any acknowledgement you might get.

You can imagine the blank looks of incomprehension that I get. 

Getting into the habit of being kind for itself, not for the expectation of a reward or recognition, but for the happiness of others, even your sister, is a better way to get through life. The world has a way of boomeranging back good feelings.

“But if I help her get dressed and don’t tell you, is she dressed?”

As always, I’m hoping for parenting lessons through osmosis. Planting seeds of kindness. Can’t hurt, right. It’s either that or open more wine.

No couch today. We had to hit the road and get one last summer Cape weekend in before school routines really take hold.

Ally had gone ahead on Thursday with Grammie and Poppie, so I could only torment Ce with a sleepy photo four minutes after she woke up.


Little did I know, while I slept, Chelle was out getting her run done early. Cool temperatures helped. Fastest run in 2 years!


Dash wasn’t so happy with being relegated to the back seat for our drive. Ce was happy for the company however.


Sisters, reunited after two days apart. Happy together. For at least 10 minutes.


I went out for one last run on the rail trail. 


I returned to catch the second act of Ally’s morning performance. I’m pretty sure this was a re-run.


Michelle and Ce went for a low tide beach walk. Need to keep our streak of Saturday posts with a jumping photo alive.


Then it was time for water balloons. Don’t ask. We showed up in the morning and Ally had a giant bag of water balloons. Grammie!


After the balloons, it was time for one last tag-a-long ride down the rail trail to Cobie’s for lunch.


Clam strips are good. ’Nuff said.


The afternoon was spent mostly at the beach.

 We buried big sister.


We swam. Okay, the girls and Michelle swam. 


We recycled some beer bottles into sand toys.


We took a boat ride. This is actually the first time in a few years that we made it off the beach in the boat. Ally promptly fell asleep during the cruise. Ce did a good job helping paddle however.


We finished up the day with some ice cream, of course.



End of the day. End of summer. End of the flavors.