Scenes from Saturday + Nor’easter!

When the kids are babies you play the game with their features: Whose nose is that? That is definitely your elbow. 

When they get a little older, you start to do it more with personality. Her piano tantrums must come from your side of the gene pool! Her dance moves definitely favor the Donohues.

One trait we have little doubt over is Cecilia’s ability to be alone. That definitely comes from me and is something that often confounds my more socially-adept wife. She sometimes worries about it. I just remember many happy hours playing computer games or reading alone in the basement. 

I don’t think Cecilia’s lonely. Being alone and lonely are not the same. She is quite happy to play with other kids. She has friends. She just doesn’t mind being alone. I can relate. Society can often make the act of being alone feel like a stigma or a negative. As if it’s imposed rather than a choice. 

So much of parenting today revolves around being involved all the time that kids are rarely left without an organized activity, never mind actually being left by themselves. I think learning to be alone was a critical skill for me to acquire as a kid. It allowed me to listen to and trust my own instincts without outside influence. 

She may still be working on her math facts and trombone scales, but I think Cecilia is well on her way to confidently knowing herself.


We start with Ally, Cece, Liv, and Maddie on the couch. I’d recount the plot of this particular episode but I’ve done my best to block it all out. The same for the Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary show that Michelle inexplicably recorded for them, as well.


Yup, still getting some mileage out of the dog biscuit cutters to get Ally to eat something that isn’t 50% sugar.


With the rain, soccer (and the group run) was a total washout which left plenty of time for….math and reading. Can you hear the groans echoing through the internet from Cecilia? The distributive property is close to magic!

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She was only somewhat mollified that I now can make sheets for Allison to practice her writing.


Despite the rain, we still had to get rid of the trash. Coincidentally, ran into quite a few other soccer parents doing the same thing.


Next, we stopped at our old neighbors. We’ve worked out a nice deal. Ed helps keep the old Focus running and I keep his computer and internet working. For their part, the girls make sure his M&M machine doesn’t get rusty.


It’s the rainy days where we are all confined to the house that I’m actually thankfully for a basement full of glitter and crafting supplies. Ally channeled Martha Stewart until lunch.


Ce….I’m not sure what Ce was doing exactly, but she wasn’t bothering us, so that was good enough for today.


Ally was quite excited that she could eat both the beans and the bowl for lunch.


So excited that she just had to dance.


The afternoon was booked, nor’easter or not, with play dates. Ally had a literal tea party with her old Goddard posse while Cecilia was on the opposite side of town presumably doing yet more crafts.


Tough day for Dash. No outside time. He was a little bananas by the afternoon.


Just when we all reconvened….the power went out. Dinner in the dark. The girls are not fans of cold lasagna with mango.


Never thought I’d say thank you to Eversource for helping get the kids to bed.

So now I’m sitting alone, quite happily, typing up another Saturday. Wherever you are, I hope you stayed dry and your lights stayed on.

Luckily red wine doesn’t need to be refrigerated.