Scenes from Saturday + Little Moments

Three things happened this past week. None of them were really special. Just small, everyday moments that illustrated that Ally is growing up.

The past few months have been, and will be, filled with Ally milestones: the end of day care and the looming start of kindergarten. I’m sure I will remember these, at least in general. I certainly remember Cece’s first day of kindergarten! 

But memory is a funny thing. You never quite know what will linger like an irascible kernel of popcorn in a molar. In twenty years, will I remember Ally reaching up over the counter and getting a cereal bowl without help? Or maybe yesterday when she stood in the adult pool on her tiptoes with her head out of the water? Or last night while watching Anne of Green Gables (again) when she told her Mom that Gilbert Blythe is handsome…and dumb.

Oh, boy.


We had a family wedding to look forward to later in the day, but we started the morning on the couch. Or Cecilia did, camp continues to demand that Ally gets a full 12 hours. Dash is keeping watch for Michelle to return from her run. 



Cecilia decided to check out her new cookbook and decided on the ultimate waffles for breakfast: whole wheat, cinnamon and nuts.



Her knife skills are improving.


The waffles were pretty ultimate. The smell woke up Ally. She approved of the waffles.


Cecilia continued in the kitchen and helped me pickle some extra CSA vegetables.


Taylor Swift is in town. Ally was inspired.


Once everyone was off the couch and moving, Michelle took the girls to get their hair trimmed. This involves intense negotiations of just how much will be cut.


Then it was time to try to find some shoes for Michelle to wear to the wedding.


Back for lunch. Note Ally’s lunch of a single pickle spear.


Soon it was time to drop off the girls off with their cousins to hang out during the wedding. They don’t get to see their cousins all that often so it took 3 or 4 minutes, but they all were soon best friends.


The rest of the day was sweating, wedding, and dancing. 


Bringing the girls home late (late, late) last night after the wedding, Cecilia sleepily walked up the stairs. Ally asked to be carried. The little moments are the big ones.



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