Scenes from Saturday + Drunken Mussels

We have made it past the standardized tests and are closing in on less than a month of school left. I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve got my times tables down cold, I know my open number line strategies and I can recite many interesting facts about Abigail Adams. I think it’s been a good year. I think Cecilia would agree. Of course, one wing of the school could burn down and she would get off the bus, shrug and say her day was fine.

I do admire the way she is rather unflappable in the big moments. That wasn’t me. I did not and do not like the spotlight. Let me ghost through the room and slip out the side door any day. Not Cecilia. She may be quiet, but don’t let that fool you. She is watching and listening. 

Big things just don’t shake her. She loves being on stage, whether it’s for dance or as an altar girl at church or taking a big test. The small things, however, like a bee or her bangs growing uneven, or misplaying her scales will throw her off the rails and into a ditch.

Since she is so forthcoming about her day at school, we’ve been spending this week walking home from the bus stop talking about expectations and not letting the frustration and annoyance affect your experiences.

I realize it could take a lifetime to master that little life lesson, but you might as well start on it when you’re young. Could save you a lot of heartache later.

We start the day on the couch with some High School Musical 3. There is nothing like a little lovelorn Zac Efron at five after six in the morning.


I soon escaped and went off for my Saturday morning group run. Sorry, no pictures of any of my exposed skin, but it was a good run. 

In my absence, Michelle got them off the couch and all three of them had some breakfast. You can see Allison examining every inch of her french toast before taking a bite.

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Soon, it was off to swim lessons for Allison. For all my complaining, this latest session has been much better. Teacher is enthusiastic and they are actually teaching her stroke mechanics.


Meanwhile, Ce and I made sure Dash had his walk before the rain. Never seen a dog so freaked out by moisture.


Then the two of us headed off to finish up Mother’s Day shopping.


Back home, Cecilia and I did lots of baking. Two wheat loaves, one cinnamon raisin and some cookies.


How do you get Allison to actually finish her lunch?


Make sure she knows there is a chocolate cupcake waiting at the end of her sandwich.


Today, the daily dance party broke out in the kitchen after lunch.


This was not to be confused with the dance choreography that went on later for the big Mother’s Day dance routine.


Rain does not deter Cecilia from going outside. It actually encourages her.


The big summer vacation this year is a trip to PEI. Anne of Green Gables has taken over my summer, too. We hosted an enthusiastic planning dinner with our friends that are also going. The fact that we all agreed that we actually should have a planning dinner told us we were going with the right family!


Of course, we served PEI mussels. Note to self, cook them a little longer next time.


Allison is excited to go, but much more excited for the near term prospect of dessert.


Planning done, for now, we finish the day with a small moment, a tight hug and sharing one thing that we were happy for today.


I don’t mean for her to ignore all the little things in life. Great things often come from a series of small things. I just want her to understand that’s it vital to let some things go. Your mind can only take so much.