Scenes from Saturday + Clif Bar Bread

Saturday was the first dominoes night of 2018 and we were hosting, so we spent most of the day just straightening and prepping and making sure there was no undergarments lingering in odd places and that all the dried food scraps were scraped off the couch. It took most of the day. Exciting pictures ahead!

Having people over whether for pizza or dominoes always makes me remember how under-appreciated and overlooked these relationships often are in our lives, especially for someone around my age. Children and family are vital and joyous, but they take a lot of physical and mental energy.

As parents, you are their sole caretakers and the world quickly shrinks down to the boundaries of your offspring. You spend most of your time together: in the car, in the bathroom(!), in the kitchen. It would be weird if that close-knit warmth didn’t sometimes start to border on maddening. The happy turns to harried, the harried to the routine. 

That is why it’s worth the effort of folding the two week old laundry pile, sweeping the floor, and shoving all the miscellaneous junk into drawers before your friends visit. It’s a sanity check. It’s opening up your world a little bit beyond the edges of your kid’s lunch box. They will commiserate, they will sympathize, they will console, they will make sure you’re not drinking alone. In short, they will make sure you don’t go crazy. A few household chores seems a small price to pay.

Back home this week, we started on the couch. It was chilly and the three of them had to huddle for warmth. This week they watched Netflix’s new adaptation of Anna Dewdney’s Llama Llama books. It was a nice break from trying to explain the surrealism of Pee-Wee Herman. Also, anytime I can get more Jennifer Garner in my life, even in voice only, it’s a plus. (She’s a good Instagram follow.)


Cecilia has been wanting to make bread all week and we kept putting her off. Today was finally the day. She made two mini-loaves of quick bread using pancake mix, milk and eggs. One plain and one with chopped up Clif Bar. I don’t ask about her inspiration anymore. I think it’s time we step up to yeast breads.

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When I returned from the gym, I had a big plate of eggs, green smoothie and Clif Bar bread waiting. She vita mixed the eggs (adds air) and the smoothie. I asked if she washed the container between blendings. She claims she did. Fingers crossed.


Here’s a quick peek into a marriage. While I wake up and crave going to the gym, Michelle feels compelled to organize kitchen drawers. That’s one key to a 20 year relationship.


Piano was a bit of a struggle today. It always is the first day after a lesson. The less said here, the better.


Dash was happy even if his paws were chilled by the end of his wood’s walk.


Do anyone else’s children become raving lunatics if you let them stay inside too long on a Saturday morning? I didn’t even try to get them to put on coats. They were much better after some bracing, fresh air.


They practiced some basketball in the basement while they thawed out. I was happy the old-school parquet inlaid floor got some legitimate use. Also, check out that defensive stance from Ally. 


The basketball cool down involved art, coloring and exploring the mug cake cookbook they got from the library. We’ll be making their choice tomorrow for a Super Bowl dessert.


By 3 pm, cracks were showing and we “suggested” Ally take a rest so she was ready for her friends to come over. She politely declined. We then had a follow up suggestion to at least lay down in her room. She countered she would lay down with her tablet. We agreed.


Some last minute vacuuming and we were ready for meatball subs, dominoes, chaos, wine and some excellent cookies


There was a raffle to hand out the rings from the football-themed cookie cake.


Nothing like big plates of cookies to put a smile on a tired kid’s face.


Another Saturday put to bed. Recycle bin re-filled with empty bottles. Sanity slightly more restored.