Scenes from Saturday + Cinco de Derby

It revved from a mediocre spring straight into summer this past week and it confused everyone. The kids, the dog, the landscapers, the trees, the bushes and the animals. And did I mention the bugs? And my children’s almost pathological fear of contact with anything vaguely resembling an insect?

I’m hoping this is a phase because it is no way to live. Both of them will go outside only to come running back in two minutes later with tales of a bee as big as a bus with a personal grudge. Both have been stung by bees in the past, so I understand that one. It’s the shuddering fear of lady bugs, gnats and pill bugs where I have less patience. 

Telling them to appreciate the little things is not helping in this case.

We started the day with a special couch session. It’s been six weeks since the ear piercing. All is going well and now it was time to change the initial earrings.


Cecilia was a little surprised there was still the potential for pain when pushing sharp object through soft tissue, but she persevered and got it done. (Note: she later decided that perhaps giant emoji earrings were stepping it up too quickly and went for a smaller, simpler pair.)


I was also excited as it was a race day. My first official trail 5k. After a muggy week, the weather could not have been better.

We started on some pavement on the old hospital grounds before heading into the woods. The girls were able to see the start before heading off to swim lessons. Even just a half mile in, the cheer squad always gives me a lift and a smile.


While I was huffing and puffing my way to the finish, Ally was starting her new class. We’re giving super-happy-splash-time one more shot as they are supposed to begin learning stroke mechanics in this class. We’ll see.

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After swim, it was time for one of Mom’s favorite errands. Taking the girls for haircuts! The only fringe benefit to this Saturday time sink is that the hair cut place is in a strip mall with some favorable shopping brands. I may be under the impression that it always takes 3 hours to get your hair properly cut.


While the girls were away, our old neighbor dropped off some dresses their daughter had long grown out of. The girls were thrilled to have more purple gowns to add to their collection.


Finally, race done, hairs cut, secret shopping complete, it was time for the highlight of the day: a Cinco de Mayo / Kentucky Derby mash-up party. 

With plenty of cheesy beans and rice, even the persnickety Ally had no excuses. Plus, look at that gleaming, new kitchen island, how could you not want to eat directly off it?!


We all were assigned a horse, so the excitement was just as palpable (and much drier from the looks of it) as if we were wandering the infield ourselves.


I may not have won my race that morning, but Justify did bring me some luck in the evening!


Finally, you can’t have a Cinco de Derby party without a piñata!


And just to take things over the top and close the night on a high note, there were choco tacos for dessert. I will argue vociferously that chocolate tacos are in the top 3 ice cream truck choices. 


I will say this crazy fear of bugs has wrought one good change. In trying to teach Ally about bugs, we told her how they are often attracted to light. She now can’t turn off her lights off fast enough at bedtime….