Scenes from Saturday + Carnival!

I get my 10 year parenting chip next month. Being a parent is not simple. Ok, the core of it might be. Show up. Love your kid no matter what. It’s in the margins where things can often go sideways. 

I think the biggest thing that has changed since Ce was a baby is that I can’t plan it all anymore. And I love to plan. I think about what to make for dinner while drinking my morning coffee. I love making to-do lists. I never met a calendar app I didn’t like. I also tend to invest a lot of energy in hoping all those plans go smoothly. If they don’t, I tend to get a little cranky and stressed out. Stressed out parents make terrible decisions. It’s a vicious circle.  

Ten years in and I’m now trying to learn from my kids and be better at reacting to life as it happens. Sound too simple? Maybe it is. But it does works. With a little practice.

One last day of bright morning sunlight. The day starts with their favorite logo.


In the other room, Michelle was enjoying the sunshine without a logo or device. It’s nice when kids finally figure out how to work the remote completely.


After a few weeks off, I was headed back to the Saturday morning running group. Proper fuel was required. The second try at making the Banana Coconut cookies from Run Fast, Eat Slow went much better. Any cookie that is encouraged at breakfast is okay with me.


I returned home to find the TV off (always a plus) and the girls playing together (also a plus).

They are in one of the phases where they’ve rediscovered a toy from the depths of the basement. In this case, various Legos have been keeping them occupied all week.


Michelle, of course, had moved on from sitting and reading her book and decided to clean out the kitchen junk drawers. This was actually a strategic move. More on that in a second.


In the time it took me took me to shower, she had moved on to cleaning out the fireplace.


Today’s big event was Winter Carnival, one of the school’s big fundraisers. Ally has been in the past, but this is the first year she went while being in school. She was very excited. Mom was volunteering. Mom was slightly less excited. No cookie decorating this year. She had beads which promised to be less mess. “It all goes to the schools” was the mantra of the day.


It’s become a tradition that while Michelle takes the girls over to the carnival (I can’t really handle it), I do the taxes. It’s a tossup who gets the better end of the deal.

I spent a lot of time down 457(b) reporting rabbit holes. Tax software is great and tends to get better every year but if you’ve got a weird or unique situation….it struggles.


Turns out, Ally was right to be excited. She hit it big at her first game. We are the proud owners of a giant pink inflatable dolphin. I don’t think it will fit in the junk drawer even after it was cleaned.


The girls had a blast and Ally came home full of sugar and pockets full of….trinkets. Most of which are destined for life in the junk drawer until March of next year.


While Cecilia was off at a friend’s house, Michelle took Ally and Dash to Pet Smart to burn off some energy.


Now that we have a fish of our own, I think Dash appreciates the tanks more.


While they were away, I made the first couple loaves of the 2019 soda bread season (favorite recipe here).


We were inspired by the pet store visit to clean out Harold’s tank.


Turns out Fin was joining us for dinner. In the spirit of reacting to life as it happens, I had a lovely conversation with her over some Indian takeout. Didn’t foresee that happening when this Saturday started.


The most memorable moments are usually the ones you never see coming.



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