Scenes from Saturday + Cape Bound

We have a spreadsheet to manage the kids camps. Where? When? How much? I’m not sure how we got here. Summer may be easier for kids, but it’s a logistical game of Twister for parents. Next summer, we’re going to try at least a few camp-free weeks. No agenda. No legal waivers. No car pools. No pre-planned crafts. Just a hot sun, access to the hose, and a day to fill. Boredom is supposedly a tonic for kids. And all that autonomy apparently helps, at least Mayan kids, with better focus. Kids and Dad alike could use more of that. If I hustle I can probably write the best-seller: How to Parent the Mayan Way.

Ce would probably give me grief if she knew I said summers were easy for kids. She’s doing an hour a day of various chores and summer learning. Did that cause you to audibly gasp? Then you must not be my daughter. Each day she wakes up and appears to hope that I’ve forgotten because each morning we repeat the same dance (not the rousing, fun, ensemble musical type, either) where she reacts like I’ve asked her to cut the lawn with a pair of nail clippers. 

The walls of our house are a constant dripping waterfall of drama. If neither one of these girls ends up in the theatre the world will be poorer for it. 

We start our day….with an early, early morning run. Here is Chelle back from her run before 6:15 and still very, very sweaty. Dash loves when we workout, or finish working out, as he enjoys having a personal salt lick.


I met up with my group of crazy runner friends for a 6:30 group run. Still so happy to have found some kindred spirits that not only enjoy, but look forward to getting up early to run. 


I returned to find the usual Saturday morning couch configuration. It’s good to have some constants in your life.

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Good news, we found something else that Ally will reliably eat besides dry Cheerios and chocolate chips: croissants. Not a problem to whip those up each morning.


A rare smile from Ce while doing math flashcards. If you look carefully out the window over her shoulder, you can see hell freezing over.


Any guesses on who is enjoying this bath more? 


Don’t feel too bad for him, he spent the next three hours huddled under a pile of blankets on the sofa. #dogslife


I walked into the kitchen to find two rapt kids, food coloring, oil, beads and a liter bottle full of clear liquid. I gave the bottle a sniff. Not flammable. Seemed safe to leave them to it.


When it’s 90 degrees before 10 a.m., the first thing Michelle thinks to do it hit up the outlets. There may not have been many people there, but there were plenty of deals. Or so I was told.


Ally had the important task of perusing the options for kindergarten backpacks.


Back at the house, the girls shopping trip inspired them to try out creating some fashion designs.


For much of the day we were debating if and when to attempt to drive to the Cape. Keeping your drive under two hours during a holiday week could be an Olympic sport. After consulting the heavens, tarot, traffic cams and Waze, we finally pulled the trigger in late afternoon.


Dash takes his co-pilot duties seriously. As soon as the suitcases come out, he bolts to the car to be sure he’s not left behind.


We made it down just under the deadline, Cecilia was very happy to get the Fourth started.


The risky drive was worth it. We finished the day with a low tide sunset walk.


Dancing broke out on the sandbar. Of course, it did. Wouldn’t be a Saturday without it.