Scenes from Saturday + A New Place

Next week Cecilia turns nine. She’s getting very good at rolling her eyes. Allison has just a few months left of daycare. If you turn your back on her, she grows three inches. It feels like that moment when the plane is vibrating and hugging the runway, but about to lift off. We are headed somewhere new. Not the teenage wilderness everyone assures us is coming, but somewhere new beyond car seats and labeled food containers. 

What challenges might this new place bring? How will the girls react? How can I help them? 

I’m a worrier. My mind drifts out to the future and I convince myself of a story that isn’t actually true. When the kids get sick, I’m a basket case convincing myself that a mild cough might be TB and will soon spiral into a hospital stay in the isolation ward. It can be exhausting and with the Addison’s literally bad for my health.

One reason I take the time to do these Saturday posts is because it can act as an antidote. It forces me to stop, slow down and just be with the kids, with Michelle, with myself. At least for one day. I don’t always succeed but there is relief in trying.

Whatever this new place might be, I don’t want to miss out on what is happening now. Like making pancakes with the girls or dancing (poorly) to big Broadway show tunes…..

Or just making sure the Netflix is working in the morning for couch time.


The raw, rainy morning inspired me to make some bread to fight off the chill.


While the bread was proofing, I went off to join the Soles for our weekly group run. Warm enough for shorts, but still going with gloves and a hat. Felt like a step back from the sunshine of last week. I know you all read this to get a glimpse of my pasty legs.


While I was running the breakfast bandit was busy making eggs and sweet bread. She’s learned after a few weeks of experimentation that while you can tweak the recipe, messing with the science of baking too much can lead to some poor results. Her simple loaf today, without even one sprinkle, was her best in awhile.


While waiting for breakfast, Allison creatively “watered” a flower. She looked at me like I was crazy for even asking.


She then proceeded to use an index card as her water color canvas. She is impressively good at entertaining herself.


The only thing on the official agenda today was Allison’s swim lesson.


While Ally was off at swim lessons, Cecilia caught spring fever and just couldn’t stay in the house any longer. She doesn’t need pushing on the swing anymore, but now I need to witness her trying to break her neck on all the equipment.


Here is Ally belting out Jesus Rock (what she’s been calling Jesus Christ Superstar after watching this week) while eating her nuggets and mac n’ cheese for lunch. Twenty minutes doesn’t go by in our house without some show tune being sung. Our Alexa essentially acts as a Broadway jukebox.

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Kudos to Michelle for coming up with a creative way to get Cecilia to straighten her room. She told Ce should could re-arrange her room which led to her moving things around but also forcing her to pick things up. Here Dash obviously put something away in the wrong place. 


Of course, it also led to Ally wanting to do her room which then led to Cecilia playing interior decorator and drawing up multiple plans on how Ally’s furniture could fit.


In the end, both rooms were dissected and put back together and look better for it. The dolls then needed some fresh air.


You can see the weather, by this time had flipped, still a bit chilly, but sunny and not raw, so my dinner plan for warm bread, soup and one last fire lost some steam.

But the bread was still baked and rest assured it will still be eaten!

This is the 75% whole wheat from Ken Forkish’s Flour Water Salt Yeast, one of my favorite and almost fool-proof bread baking books.


Sunday is a race day! 5k or 50 miler, I still get excited for racing. I’ll be doing the local Hunter’s Run 5k, named after a boy in Cecilia’s grade, and benefiting organ donation. With a race in the morning, it meant mass on Saturday.

Now, typically Saturday mass means Ally inevitably takes a snooze at some point, usually around the gospel. Today, she must have been tuckered out from swim and show tunes. She barely made it out of the driveway. On the plus side, she did hear the whole homily today.


While we did manage to have the mid-week cake for Michelle’s birthday, she never got a proper birthday request meal per our family tradition. I rectified that tonight with mixed seafood risotto to go with the bread.

We initially thought (as a mostly plant-based household) that we’d use our pressure cooker for cooking beans, but it turns out it makes cooking risotto so easy we use it more often for that more than beans and soup. This is a good, simple base recipe to which you can add anything.


Like most Saturdays, we come full circle back to the couch to end the day. You can see the remains of the chocolate mousse we had for dessert. Even I thought a third cake in a week was pushing it.


A quiet, routine Saturday is done. The girls are asleep in their “new” rooms. The dishes are cleaned. The house feels in order. I’m in the moment and one thing is certain, I need to open another bottle of wine.