Scenes from a Snow Day

I sometimes worry that our house is a little too big for our needs. We could trim off a room or two and hardly notice the difference except in the heating bill.

Then we have a snow day and are trapped in family togetherness for 36 hours and all those worries go right out the window.  Those extra rooms are a necessity.

This snow day would be an interesting social experiment. After two days back at school, would the girls now appreciate the time off and the new toys more? Or would they start whinging about being bored by 9:15?

A tangential, but related experiment: would the leftover champagne from New Year’s have enough pop and effervescence to get Michelle through the day?


Unlike Cecilia, who has no problem getting out of bed on non-school days, Ally actually likes to sleep. The rest of us started the day on the couch and watching for the first flakes.


Before the storm really got going, Michelle and Cecilia took Dash outside for a walk to burn off that energy. Nothing worse than a crazy dog trying to get you to play with his squeaky toys all day. Dash is also a huge baby about getting his paws wet.


We’ve also found getting Ce outside early, especially on woods walks, can help her start the day right. She came home happy to have done her math facts practice during the walk and ready to make some breakfast. She busted out two types of muffins and a buffet with scrambled eggs, fruit and cereal. I like Ce the short-order cook.


She wasn’t quite as enthusiastic about washing up, but she knows that is part of the deal. You gotta work the front and the back of the house.


Ally meanwhile was content to sit on the couch and reap the benefits of Ce’s labor.


Ignore Michelle doing yoga in the background. I swear she hadn’t opened the champagne yet.


With the Boy Scouts coming on Saturday, the snow day did give us a prime opportunity to take down Christmas decorations. I’m sure we weren’t the only ones. I find vacuuming tinsel very satisfying.


Snow days do not mean a day off from piano practice. I’m happy we have moved past Christmas carols. I had rocked around the Christmas tree enough.


As soon as I saw a snow day on the horizon, you can bet I was plotting out what bread and slow cooker soup to make for dinner. Whole wheat bread and broccoli cheddar soup in the slow cooker.


I was pleasantly surprised the girls made it past 9:15 and took no prodding to get off the couch and play. Any guesses on the dollar value of the all the dolls on the couch?


As the storm picked up outside, things started doing downhill a bit inside. We’d exhausted chores, baking, decoration deconstruction and dolls. Ce disappeared into her room. Ally burrowed back into the couch for some Netflix. I didn’t have a strong argument against it.


The house was at least smelling good as the bread baked and the soup percolated.


Eventually we couldn’t take the Sophia theme song again and we forced them all outside while we both got some work done.


While they were outside, we did think of one more chore to torture them with: thank you notes!


By then it was 3:30. Also known as fire and wine time. You definitely need wine to survive a thank you note session. Cecilia averages 1 every 20 minutes.


Yes, more baking. I’m sort of a one trick pony. 


Early dinner. Soup was good. We used the Pioneer Woman recipe minus the massive amount of cheese. I’d make it again. The girls insisted on a second dose of hot chocolate with dinner. Couldn’t think of a strong argument against it other than it sounded disgusting. They disagreed.


One last dance party.



Another snow day done. Another day later to go in June.

The oven is off. The kids are asleep. The house is now silent and cold just like the snow. Just how I like it.

Next year, Cecilia gets to start an instrument in school. Her current top 3 picks: trombone, trumpet and tuba. Pretty sure I won’t mind the extra rooms in the house if any of those dreams come true.