Photos from the Fourth

A quick word on Michelle’s Fourth of July rules. She doesn’t ask for much, so when she does, you better listen.

  1. The Fourth will be an all-day beach extravaganza
  2. Patriotic playlists only
  3. Cheetos or Cheese Balls are encouraged
  4. Dinner will be cooked on the grill, with cheese
  5. Classic S’mores only, get your fancy pant treats off the beach

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Scenes from Saturday + Beachcombing

If there is one thing Boston networks like to hype more than snowstorms or hurricanes, it’s holiday Cape traffic. Since Wednesday, one network has had 2 roving vans driving around trying to get stuck in traffic around the bridges. They were mildly successful until Friday when they were finally rewarded with some bumper-to-bumper drive time.

I still wonder who tries to drive to the Cape on Friday afternoon. Is it all news vans and annoyed locals? As any veteran Cape visitor knows, you go early or you go late. We packed up the car Friday night, rolled the kids out of bed Saturday morning, gave them some portable Fruit Loops and made our break for the Sagamore just after sunrise. Continue Reading

Pantry Banana Bread

The slowly spotting bananas had been staring at me from the counter for three days, looking more brown and pathetic every day. I could no longer trick the girls into eating them and even though I knew they were better for me the browner they became, they had passed the point of no return for me, too. Something had to be done about this fruit before they liquefied on the counter. Continue Reading

Scenes from Saturday + Pasta!

Father’s Day eve was a dishwater gray day, all day. In truth, I don’t mind a drizzly day once in awhile. There’s less pressure to wring every ounce from the day. I take it as a personal invitation to slow down. Mow the lawn tomorrow. Maybe read a book. Definitely take a nap. 

These hard-earned nuggets of fatherly wisdom are, of course, lost on my children. They just want me to stop talking in front of the TV and maybe, could you hurry up toasting those Pop-tarts?

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