What I’m doing now

I’m home outside Boston, MA, enjoying the fall weather, eating a lot of apples, making hand pies, and trying not to think too much about the upcoming winter. 
I am spending most of my days:

  • Waiting for the girls to get home from school so I can re-learn the distributive property and other fun things about fourth grade math.
  • One good thing about the cooler weather? Bread baking season is back!
  • Working at my day job as an interaction designer for a financial services company.
  • Working on some side hustles. Always be hustlin’.
  • Trying to stay fit and learn the best routine for working out with knee arthritis.
  • Reading. I mostly read mysteries, thrillers and general fiction, but I’m trying to read more non-fiction again this year. Thanks to listening to more audiobooks this year, I’ve already passed my number of books “read” in 2017. Connect with me on Goodreads.
  • Listening to the back catalog of The Story Grid podcast. Or mystery audiobooks.
  • Watching episodes of Haunting of Hill House or Bodyguard on Netflix when I can stay awake long enough.

Last update: 15 October 2018