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Book Notes: Lab Girl by Hope Jahren


This is one of those books that I count as a happy surprise. If I had stumbled across it in a store or at the library, I would not have been likely to pick it up. A book on plants crossed with the memoir of a geobotanist? Just completely outside my typical areas of interest.

But here is where book club saved me. I was looking for some non-fiction and something we hadn’t read before as a group. This certainly qualified and with some hesitancy, I added it to the our list. I’m glad I did. Everyone liked it. Continue Reading

Recent Reads: Jan + Feb ’17

Recent Reads

Here are some quick thoughts on the fiction that I’ve read since Christmas. The two standouts for me were The Dry and The Underground Railroad and would recommend either book to just about anyone. The Underground Railroad should be required reading for all. I also really enjoyed Wolf Road, but it’s so unique and twisted and dark that I’d have to be really confident we have the same tastes to recommend it wholeheartedly, otherwise I’d risk having you look at me sideways when I rave about the book. Continue Reading

5 Rules for Managing a Book Club

Diversity is key

I’m not one for small talk. I’m not good at it and I rarely see the point. All the idle chatter is time better spent reading in my opinion. Unless the talk is about books, of course. Then pull up a chair. Let me buy you a drink. If you’re the type of person that views carrying a book as a necessary escape hatch for any excursion outside your front door, then you are my people, no questions asked. There is little I like more than reading, browsing, chatting or arguing about books. Book stores are my pilgrimage and book clubs are my catnip. At my day job, the one meeting I will not view askew is the monthly book club. It’s one hour where time doesn’t drag on and business buzz words don’t choke the air. It’s my oasis in the management wilderness.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy to cultivate and maintain such a swath of erudite discussion among the cubes. After two years, I’ve come to some conclusions about the best ways to run a successful book club. Continue Reading

Recommended Reading

Is it a crime if a boy doesn’t read the Hardy Boys?

Running a book club, always carrying a book, generally being known as a book nerd that can quote the dewey decimal system, I get asked what I’m reading and if I could recommend a book for so and so, or I just finished Book A, could you recommend something. It happens at least a couple times a month. And a lot around the holidays. Figured maybe it was time to write something up so I, while I still love talking books, I could point folks here for later reference. I’ll update, add, re-arrange frequently, so check back once in awhile. Continue Reading