5 Tips to Get Your Morning Workout Done

5 Tips to get your morning workout done

I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a morning person, but I do realize that I am most productive in the morning up until about 2 pm. After that I end up in a downward motivational spiral until I land on the couch by 6:30 barely able to contemplate turning the pages of a book. 

If I am going to  get anything of consequence done, it’s usually in the morning. I’ve especially noticed with the Addison’s that if I don’t workout by lunch, it’s likely not going to happen.

Your cortisol levels peak in the morning and slowly bottom out by the late afternoon to allow you to begin to get ready to sleep. My synthetic dosages follow the same pattern to try to mimic the body. My motivation to lace up the shoes or get on the bike is highest in the morning.

But knowing something and being motivated and then actually doing it are somewhat different things. I’ve developed a few strategies that help get me out the door and get my morning workout done.


Get organized the night before

One of the biggest to a successful morning routine (for a workout or anything else) is to reduce as much of the friction between you and getting started. 

If you have to find clothes or pack a gym bag after you wake up, it all adds up to additional friction that will reduce your desire or willingness to just get started. 

Pack and organize the night before. Lay out your clothes. Make your drinks. Do some food prep. 

Most important, give yourself time. Be purposeful, but don’t be in a rush.


Don’t sit

It may sound silly or overly simple, but stay on your feet. Wake up your mind and muscles by walking around. If you sit down, chances are you won’t get up anytime soon.

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Don’t check your phone

Leave your phone on the nightstand or, if you have to, stick it under the mattress. Just like sitting, if you pick up your phone, you’ll blink and 15 minutes will have gone by. 

Make checking your email or social the reward for getting the workout done.


Take a queue from the King and have an Elvis mindset in the morning. Don’t take the time to think. Don’t make excuses. Just TCB.



Make the warmup part of the prep

While you are walking around hydrating or getting that caffeine fix, integrate some warmup moves into the mix. I know a warmup is important, but sometimes it gets squeezed out despite our best intentions. 

There are some simple moves that provide big benefits and should be an indispensable part of your warmup. Do some calf raises while you sip that cup of coffee. Do some lunges (forward, backward, sides) with trunk twists between bites of toast. Put those shoes on without sitting to get the ankles and stabilizers awake. Finally, some leg swings to wake up the hips.


Don’t think

Make the morning workout a mindset. It’s not IF, but WHEN you do your workout. Have an Elvis mindset of TCB. Don’t allow yourself to think or make excuses. Know what you need to do to get out the door and just do it.


I won’t say getting out of bed and getting that workout done is easy, but it sure feels great when it’s done and these 5 tips I believe will help you get moving, get it done and maybe even become more of a morning person.